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About Us

BETA medical publishers Ltd was founded in 1976 with sole purpose the production of high quality biomedical publications. The area of the company’s interest includes the production of books for all medical specialties, nursing books, as well as medical journals. BETA medical publishers cover a wide area of educational books for all levels of biomedical education. In particular, we publish books for Medical School and Nursing School students of Greek Universities, for Technology Institutions, as well as for students of other Biomedical specialties. BETA medical publishers collaborate with many publishing companies around the world and except a variety of bio-medical books, had published more than 20 titles of WHO in the Greek language during the last two decades. It is worth mentioning that our company has been awarded by the Academy of Athens and several other organizations.

In the area of biomedical journals we have published and circulated 18 scientific magazines till now, including several well known ones like IATRIKI, of the Society of Medical studies, the only monthly general medical journal in our country, the PSYCHIATRIKI, official edition of Hellenic Psychiatric Society, the HELLENIC JOURNAL OF NUTRITION AND DIETETICS (Hellenic J Nutr Diet), the HELLENIC JOURNAL OF ATHEROSCLEROSIS, the HELLENIC ALLERGOLOGY & CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY etc.

During the last 17 years BETA medical publishers have expanded to the area of History, Folklore and the Culture of Medicine targeting the connection between the area of Medicine and Humanities. This move has proven to be particularly successful and has met wide recognition.

In BETA medical publishers we promote our books and journals using different ways, including the participation in all Book Exhibitions in Greece and abroad (Frankfurt International Book Festival, Madrid etc), as well as in most Medical and Nursing Congresses and also of other areas like Economy of Health, Nutrition and Dietetics, Cosmetic Science etc.

Every year BETA medical publishers offers a very useful and also valuable multi subject year-diary to collaborators, readers and friends of the company. Till now we have publish diaries with literature (novel and poetry) regarding Medicine, as well as Medical and Nursing History subjects from several chronological periods.

BETA medical publishers is the very first publishing company that has acquired an ISO 9001:2000 certification that verifies the high operational standards.

After 39 years in the publishing business BETA medical publishers, despite the present unfavourable circumstances in trading and enterprising, are targeting the satisfaction and trust of their clients and the production of biomedical books of the highest level and specifications.

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